Frequently Asked Questions


What classes do you offer?

We offer ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern,  jazz/tap combination classes, tumbling,fitness classes and classes for preschoolers.

Click here for our schedule and class descriptions.


How many students do you have in a class?

We only accept a maximum of 10 students into our classes.  If a class becomes full we will open a new class if our schedule allows to accommodate more students.  Small classes provide a more individualized lesson for dancers. 


We have fall sports, can we joing at a later time?

Yes!  Our season is 10 months however, that does not mean you have to join right in September.  We do understand children enjoy many activities that is why we accept students through February who would like to participate in our annual recital. 

If it is after our February deadline and you still would like to join and are okay with not performing in the recital for the year, you are free to sign up. 


How much is this going to cost me?

We understand that the bottom line is a factor in signing your children up for class and we do our very best to provide you with the fairest prices possible.   The first cost you will have is a registration fee ($20) due at the time you sign up.  Tuition is then billed to you per month from the time you start and is based on the class and number of classes you are taking.   Aside from tuition you will have a costume fee that includes the costume, accessories and a pair of tights.  Students will be required to purchase certain shoes and clothing for certain classes.   Then there is a ticket fee for recital. 

There are other costs that are optional such as recital t-shirt fee, recital DVDs, recital pictures and other voluntary activities that go on during the year. 


Please contact the studio by email or phone to discuss in full what your exact charges will be. 



Do you require everyone to participate in the recital?

We do like everyone to participate if they have attended before our February cutoff, part of the dance experience is performing in front of people.  If there is a desire to not participate in the recital please speak with someone at the studio.  We can make arrangements to accomodate this request.   


Do you require us to purchase clothing from the studio?

No,  you can purchase dance wear and shoes from other stores.  We do try to keep our prices below retail value to give you the best value for what you purchase but if you find a better deal we always say, go for that better deal.